About Applications, Leases, and Payment.

QDo you currently have available apartments?


Because we have over 1,300 apartments and our guests stay for a couple of months at a time, we always have something available in one of our buildings. However, due to the high number of apartments and constant changes in availability, we cannot show real-time availability on this page. To see if we have an available apartment to meet your needs, please inquiry here.

QHow do I apply for one of your apartments?


After receiving you initial inquiry, we will assign a service staff to personally hear your needs and recommend the ideal apartment for you. The entire application process can be done very quickly and entirely by email or fax. For more details about I do a corporate please see here.

QHow do I make payment? Can I use a credit card?


We ask for payment for the first month and the deposit be done before check-in. You can pay by bank transfer or by credit card. The deposit is fully refunded to your after check-out if there is no major damage to your apartment.

QAre there other charges besides the rent (i.e.. utilities, service charges, etc.)?


Unlike hotels, all high-speed Internet usage is free and there is no tax or service charge. All of the rents listed on this site include cable TV, Internet and 24HR telephone hotline. Only outgoing telephone calls would be charged separately.

QIs there any deposit, agent fee, Key Money, or guarantor required?


We require a fully-refundable deposit of 100,000 yen for stays of one to three months and of one month’s rent for stays of over three months. No agent fee or Key Money is required. Guarantors are not required for monthly stays.
After check-out, we fully refund your deposit if there is no major damage to your apartment.

QCan I do a corporate lease or an individual lease?


Yes, you can do either. On the paperwork required differs, so for more details, please see here.
We provide support for those making corporate housing arrangements for employees. For details see here.


QHow are BUREAU and B-SITE different?


The same basic furnishing and amenities are the same in both our BUREAU and B-SITE brand serviced apartments. However, BUREAU apartments tend to be larger and B-SITE apartments tend to be more affordable.

QWhere are BUREAU and B-SITE serviced apartment buildings located?


We have 12 locations in Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan.

QWhat type of guests stay in BUREAU and B-SITE?


The majority of our guests are international travelers who come to Japan on business. We welcome guests from all around the globe including Europe, the US, India, China, Korea, and many other locations. Japan, and Tokyo in particular can be a difficult and hectic place to live if you do not know the language or customs. We have a long history of supporting international travelers into Japan and are familiar with our guests, and the issues they face

QWhat kind of service staff do you have in BUREAU and B-SITE?


While Space Design is a Japan-based company, our staff reflects our multicultural clientele. We have staffs from India, China, the US and Europe. Even our Japanese staffs are mostly bilingual in English and Japanese and we can also help in Chinese, Korean, Spanish, German, French and more.

About Serviced Apartments

QWhat is a serviced apartment?


Serviced apartments are fully furnished apartments with added service for living abroad. Space Design Inc. operates BUREAU and B-SITE brand serviced apartments in 12 locations (around 1,000 units) in Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan. For a run down of our features and services, please click here.

QHow are serviced apartments different from hotels?


Serviced apartments are intended for short to long term guests who need a place to stay for between one month to a year. They include all the same furnishing that hotels offer, but with amenities for long term stay such as your own kitchen, washing/drying machine, balcony and more. Hotels are good for very short stay of a few days, but for longer stays, serviced apartments have a more at-home feel and are more affordable.

Inside the Apartments

QWhat type of furnishings/amenities are in the apartment? What type of services do you provide guests?


For general details of furnishings/amenities/services, please see here.

QDo you have smoking and non-smoking apartments?


We do have non-smoking apartments available. For more details, please inquiry here.

QAre pets OK?


No, we do not allow pets in our apartments.

About Space Design Inc.

QWhat type of company is Space Design?


We are the developers and operators of BUREAU and B-SITE serviced apartments. We are not a real estate middle man. Whenever you deal with us, there is no agent fee and we guarantee the same high level of service at all our apartments.
Space Design also develops and operates BUREX and BUREX LaBo serviced offices in Tokyo and B:CONTE Asakusa residential hotel. For more company details, please visit here.