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Space Design Staff Blog

Space Design Staff Blog

Tuesday ,17 December 2019

What's On In Tokyo January 2020




Happy New Year! Please take a look at the recommended events in January 2020. 


*Please click here for information on recommended shrine and temple for New Year visit.



J-CULTURE FEST  にっぽん・和心・初詣

2nd - 3rd January 2020 @ Tokyo International Forum 

This festival started from 2017 as a part of Tokyo International Forum's 20th anniversary project. Visitors can enjoy performances such as Japanese Kyogen 狂言, original Japanese musicals and experience traditional Japanese New Year things like pounding steamed rice to make rice cake. Recommended event to start a wonderful new year. Tickets are on sale at Kyodo Tokyo.

2020年1月2日~2020年1月3日 @東京国際フォーラム






New Year Event: Peggy Gou 

Sat, 4th January 2020 @ Contact, Shibuya

Open 10 PM | Genre House 

Under 23 : 1,000 JPY | Before 11 PM : 2,500 JPY | Door 3,800 JPY

This Korean female DJ is now the most desirable DJ in the world of 2019.

She is finally arriving and emerging her set in new year Tokyo 2020. 

Pre-sale tickets available. Do not miss this opportunity. Would be nice to spend exciting new year weekend in Shibuya. BUREAU Shibuya is now available on vacation rental too!

2020年1月4日(土) @渋谷コンタクト

オープン22時 | 音楽ジャンル ハウス

23歳以下 1,000円 | 23時までに入ると 2,500円 | 当日 3,800円

2019年に最も活躍した韓国の女性DJ Peggy Gouが来日してセットを披露します。




(画像元:Contact HPより)



Opening Exhibition vol. 2 "Wanderlust"  ワンダーラスト 

20th December 2019 - 6th January 2020 @ PARCO MUSEUM TOKYO

PARCO MUSEUM TOKYO newly opened on 22nd November 2019 is having an exhibition "Wanderlust". Artists such as Mika Abukawa, Viviane Sassen, Theseus Chan etc. will be participating the exhibition. There is a message of starting a new path without the fear of future.

2019年12月20日~2020年1月6日 @パルコミュージアム東京

2019年11月に新しくオープンした渋谷パルコにミュージアムができました!国内外で話題のアーティストを呼んでオープニング展覧会第二弾が行われます。アーティストのなかには井上嗣也 、宇川直宏、ヴィヴィアン・サッセン、グルーヴィジョンズ、田名網敬一、千葉雄喜(KOHH)、テセウス・チャン、蜷川実花 、日比野克彦 、森永邦彦 (ANREALAGE)、山縣良和(writtenafterwards)、山口はるみなどといった方々が並びます(敬称略)。

「ワンダーラスト」という意味には次のものが含まれます:旅行熱、旅心、放浪癖、旅立ちへの衝動、彷徨(さまよ)いたい衝動 等。未来を恐れずに新しいスタートをきる、という解釈のもと、展覧会はリニューアルオープンした渋谷パルコにパワーをもたらします。





Oden x Sake Station  おでんで熱燗ステーション 

9th January 2020 - 12th January 2020  @ JR Ryogoku Station Platform 3

A chance to enjoy oden and sake at JR Ryogoku Station Platform! JR Ryogoku Station is having an event at platform 3. There will be an oden (a broth/stew that contains boiled eggs and fish cakes) with various tastes and Japanese sake on site. Visitors can eat and drink sitting at kotatsu (a table with an electric heater attached to the underside of the table.) 

Advance Tickets: 2,500 JPY
Tickets at the Door: 3,000 JPY

2020年1月9日~2020年1月12日 @JR両国駅3番線


前売り券 2,500円

当日券 3,000円





Seto-uchi Goumet Festival  せとうちグルメフェス

10th January 2020 - 13th January 2020  10 AM - 6 PM @Ueno Park

The food common in Seto-uchi area (Hyogo, Okayama, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi Prefectures) is going to arrive in Ueno Park! Visitors can enjoy fresh oysters, kawara soba noodles, Awaji beef hamburger, Japanese sake etc. There will be performances by artists from Seto-uci area as well.

2020年1月10日~2020年1月13日 朝10時~夕方18時まで @上野恩賜公園






Pokémon Go x Tokyo Esports Festa  ポケモンGO x eスポーツ

Sat, 11th January 2020 @ Tokyo Big Sight, South 1 Hall

If you are a big fan of Pokemon GO, this event is just for you!

To participate, please apply by 23rd Dec 2019 from the official website. The lucky winner who can participate the battle will be announced accordingly. Participants must have a Pokemon Go account and has to be more than level 10. 

Get & Battle Tournament is going to be held. First, the participant will stroll around the Odaiba area to catch a pokemon. The fastest 16 trainer to catch the pokemon will then proceed to the battle tournament.

2020年1月11日(土) @東京ビッグサイト 南1ホール





(画像元:TOKYO eスポーツフェスタHPより)



Ozumo New Year Basyo  大相撲初場所

12th January 2020 - 26th January 2020 @ Ryogoku Kokugikan Stadium

Starting a new decade with traditional sport would be profound, especially in Tokyo.

Once a year Tokyo tournament tickets available online. At the stadium, there is museum for you to earn some history of Edo and Sumo culture. On 3rd January, there is a new year event with sake giveaway to celebrate new years on the site as well. Great visit and stroll tour for Edo new year around Asakusa, Ningyocho, Akihabara, Kanda, and Ryogoku “Edo” area :)  

If overnight stay will be considered, please check our BUNKA HOSTEL TOKYO or B:CONTE Asakusa for accommodation too.

2020年1月12日~2020年1月26日 @両国国技館


初場所のチケットはオンラインでもお求めできます。両国国技館では相撲に関する博物館もあり江戸や相撲の文化を知ることができます。1月3日には新年を祝うイベントでお酒も振る舞われます。江戸の新年を浅草/人形町/秋葉原/神田/両国といった古き良き江戸情緒あふれるエリアで過ごしてみませんか :)






WINE FESTA  ワインフェスタ

24th January 2020  @The Royal Park Canvas Ginza 8

Wine tasting event featuring products from Napa Valley Wine Train. Selected by Mr. Nakagawa ( the founder of Nakagawa wine.) The final series of this wine tasting academy provide you each individual theme. Booking essential and Japanese language skills may help understand ( not much necessity as participants and hotel team speak English fluently.)

5,000 JPY at the door, including wines and light meals. Enjoy the cozy and quality experience like private winter lodge of Canvas Lounge at The Royal Park Canvas – Ginza 8. Overnight stay at the accommodation will give you the extra experience of dazzling Ginza area experience.

2020年1月24日(金) @ザ ロイヤルパークキャンバス 銀座8



参加費は5,000円、ワインや軽食も含まれております。冬場のロッジのような暖かくて居心地の良いザ ロイヤルパークキャンバス銀座8のキャンバスラウンジで楽しい時間をお過ごしください。一泊して銀座エリアを散策するのもよし!


(画像元:ザ ロイヤルパークキャンバス銀座8より提供)



Future and the Arts: AI, Robotics, Cities, Life - How Humanity Will Live Tomorrow  未来と芸術展:AIロボット、都市、生命-人は明日どう生きるのか

Current event - 29th March 2020   @ Mori Art Museum

This exhibition has five elements: "New Possibilities of Cities," "Toward Neo-Metabolism Architecture," "Lifestyle and Design Innovation," "Body Extension and Ethics," and "Transforming Society and Humans," aligned with more than 100 projects and works. Cutting-edge technologies such as AI, biotechnology, robotics, and AR (augmented reality), and through art, design, and architecture born under the influence of, this is an exhibition where you think about society and human beings together.

開催中 - 2020年3月29日まで @森美術館








Have a wonderful time in Tokyo and wishing you a great year!

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