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Space Design Staff Blog

Space Design Staff Blog

Thursday ,30 April 2020

What's On In Tokyo May 2020

Posted by space_design


Enjoy our recommendations of music playlists and podcasts while staying at home.

Friday ,24 April 2020

Music impacts in space | Interview with Nick Luscombe

Posted by Sales SD

The consequence on global pandemic, it is inevitable to adapt and go through the drastic changes in environment, strange period of era. Majority of us are restricted of various mobility in order to stay at residences for safety. I assume many of our guests/tenants and whoever reading this are in same circumstance. Much to hope all safe and well regardless.
Under this situation, we all tend to get tense without realizing. What would be good solution? As part of remedy and self care, music and meditation are becoming featured trends. Nick Luscombe, known as a radio producer, recently released his DJ set from the festival called Wonderfruit. Well selected from ambient to eclectic dance beats are highly recommend to listen to while reading this article meantime. He also is one of the curator of the event at The Royal Park Canvas Ginza 8. He talks about music remedy and environmental changes upon current situation through his music career(Reading time: Approx 5min ).
どうぞご無事で、ご自愛ください。また、不安の解消、制限への解決方法は何か?等、色々考えさせられるこの時期、音楽や瞑想が心身のバランスを整えるレメディ(治癒法)として改めて注目を浴びています。今回、現状の環境変化やリモートワーク、音楽療法等を切り口にBBCラジオプロデューサーまた、弊社ザ・ロイヤルパーク・キャンバス 銀座8でのイベントを共同主催されたNick Luscombe氏よりお話を伺いました。尚、先日、Nickさんはタイで開催されたWonderfruitフェスティバルでのDJセットをリリースされました(無料配信)。アンビエントから様々なセンス良いダンスビートまで楽しめる選曲はおうち音楽にもお勧めです。よろしければDJセット試聴しながらご一読ください。(読み時間:約5分)

( English followed by Japanese )

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Monday ,13 April 2020

Meeting neutral perspective: Masa Tanahashi

Posted by Sales SD



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