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Space Design Staff Blog

Space Design Staff Blog

Wednesday ,18 December 2019

DUO FLATS Shibakoen christmas party♪ | DUO FLATS芝公園クリスマスパーティー♪

皆さん、こんにちは。|Hello everyone,




Time flies indeed and Christmas is just around a corner! It is one of most busiest and exciting season. Have you already arranged Christmas gifts yet?


 さて、DUO FLATS芝公園でも先日、少し早めのクリスマスパーティーを開催、ご滞在ゲスト様は勿論、関係者皆様をご招待させていただきました。

今回のイベントのテーマは「クリスマスと和」。予定より多くのゲスト様にご参加頂き大盛況でした!|Speaking of Christmas, we held early Christmas gathering at the lounge of DUO FLATS Shibakoen serviced apartment. Theme was "Christmas in Japanese". Invited residential guests along with the people concerned of the apartment.

As result, we had percipient more than we expected and became fun busy and memorable gathering:) 

                                      SK5_2019-12-04 SK4_2019-12-04


 クリスマスツリーや装飾、BUREAU品川のレストラン「IL FALCO」特製のクリスマスケーキも好評で、お飲み物やお食事を手にラウンジにてお寛ぎながらゲスト様やスタッフと歓談されていました。|Number of percipient gave us compliments on decorations and Christmas tree along with the Christmas cake catered by "IL FALCO" of BUREAU Shinagawa serviced apartment. Seeing nice presences and conversations with good caterings made us feel very pleasant. We hope everyone had good time ( as we did ) and much to hope we will have another party next year!


  SK2_2019-12-04 SK3_2019-12-04  SK12_2019-12-04 SK8_2019-12-04




Thank you all again for your kind attention. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and New Year holiday season:)



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