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Space Design Staff Blog

Space Design Staff Blog

Friday ,21 February 2020

Recommend Literature from Space Design|スペースデザイン冬のおすすめ書籍

It has been icy cold yet you still get some warm sunny sunshine which enhances tranquilized February.
We heard that our guests tend to enjoy cozy inside or stroll around the apartment for spare time lately (as winter does).
For your quality cozy winter, we would like to introduce our member’s literature recommendation and hope you will enjoy it.


( Photo : Masa Tanahashi )


After the Quake(「神の子どもたちはみな踊る」村上春樹)
by Haruki Murakami, Jay Rubin (Translator)

Recommended by Yusuke Ikeda ( Sales Team / セールスチームお勧め書籍 )
Since I have two kids at home, I found that I tend to read over short stories like this suites my busy parent food lifestyle. Also I recommend short stories of Raymond Carver and F.Scott Fizgerald literature which were mentioned in Murakami’s work.
村上春樹さんの小説に出てくるRaymond CarverとかF. Scott Fitzgeraldの短編も良かった覚えがあります。

Kotowaza, Japanese Proverbs and Sayings( 新明解故事ことわざ辞典 三省堂 )

Recommended by Akemi Nakamura ( Auditor, Main Management / 管理本部お勧め書籍)
It is enjoyable reading this especially at the beginning of the New Year season for reflection and to gain wisdom for welcoming a new era. Of course it is excellent to read anytime any season.

A Man’s Searching For Meaning ( 「夜と霧」ヴィクトール・フランクル )
By Viktor Frankl

Recommended by Setsuko Fujiwara ( Sales Team / セールスチームお勧め書籍 )
One of classic non-fiction literature on Nazi concentration camps during World War II. Someone recommended this for coaching skill and regardless it is great literature. Another recommendation is Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid which was a bit of a challenge to read but it is inspiring in various ways.
「夜と霧」は心理学者のドイツの収容所体験で有名でコーチングに良いと勧められた本です。他、「ゲーデル,エッシャー,バッハ あるいは不思議の環」は読解が難しいですが違ったものの見方が楽しめる面白い内容です。


Yomigaeru Hentai ( 蘇る変態 星野源 )
By Gen Hoshino

Recommended by Junichi Kondo ( Main Management / 管理本部お勧め書籍 )
This Japanese male entertainer’s essay was really enjoyable! ( the title of Yomigaeru Hentai 
Has meaning of “Revived pervert” ), essays of random topics on his relations with his celebrity network, depression through work, experience of severe illness, and his sexuality.

More details and inspired lists will be on upcoming What's ON in Tokyo March. Check out tips for quality Tokyo lifestyle with us.

詳細とお勧め書籍リストは Whats ON in Tokyo March にて掲載予定。質のある滞在生活のヒント、是非ご覧ください。



Article contribute : Setsuko Fujiwara, Space Design 2020



AUTHOR:Space Design



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