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Space Design Staff Blog

Space Design Staff Blog

Thursday ,12 December 2019

What's On In Tokyo Extra Edition

Hello everyone,

So it is December and officially the month of end year madness and end of the decade, too:)

We assume that you all are running around like a headless chickens and doing last minutes of wrap up in social and business. And shopping;)

Hope all is well not catching cold or running down. Keep yourself warm:) 

Speaking of keeping yourself warm, we are hitting the icy cold winter in Tokyo ( Japan ).

There is an organisation run by expats in Tokyo to support homeless in Tokyo : unfortunately do have not shelter or roof to keep warm or feel safe. The organization arrange gathering action to visit homeless people to give them aid once a two weeks. They also does seek material or any contributions. Their activity are featured in editorial article of Japan Times. ( For our residential guests, the printed article material is on the lobby down stair.)

Homeless in Tokyo: Fallen through society's cracks and frozen out

The latest details are kindly referred as follows on their Facebook page.

Tokyo Spring Homeless Patrol https://www.facebook.com/TSHpatrol/

Upcoming activity ( patrol aid ) will be held on 14th December 2019 Saturday and the above link will provide further details:FYI

This is one of real "whats going on in Tokyo" and probably best solution would be providing flexible system to support being independent from being homeless or devastated situations is what needed most but what important meantime is to give your bit of effort and kindness even once or twice a month. Or to start drop judgement perhaps;)  

Have a wonderful end year everyone!




いよいよ本格的な真冬そして師走ですね。大きな節目の年が終わろうとしています。皆さん、風邪などひかずこの時期の忘年会、パーティー、仕事納めやショッピング等、楽しんで乗り切りましょうね♪ そんな真冬の中、外国籍の日本在住の方を中心にボランティアでホームレスの方に物資等を支給するサポート団体の記事をJapan Timesにて見つけました。


Homeless in Tokyo: Fallen through society's cracks and frozen out



Tokyo Spring Homeless Patrol https://www.facebook.com/TSHpatrol/

様々な事情で路上で暮らす方々にとって一日も早く自立出来る柔軟なシステムの構築と提供サポートが必須条件の前提ですが少しの時間と労力。先ずは記事を読むことや無理せず出来ることからサポートしたいですね。以上、What's really on in Tokyo 番外編^^; でした。



Article contributed : Setsuko Fujiwara, Space Design Inc 2019




AUTHOR:Space Design



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