Company Info

Company Info

Space Design's Policy

Creating New Space Concepts

In the new age, the age of change, the role of living space will continuously evolve and diversity of choice will be essential. Space Design, a developer that promotes the creation of new types of living space, aims to propose and create spaces not limited by tradition or convention. Foregoing any "standard specifications", our policy is instead to evolve urban living based on high quality living quarters to meet the needs of the times, local characteristics, and people.

Sharing Common Values with Clients

Space Design not only creates new living spaces, but to understand our clients' needs. In other words, by listening to our clients, our new space springs forth. By taking into account our clients' points of view, we believe that we are able to create the spaces that fit the times and our clients' needs.

Continuously Evolving Organization

At Space Design, in order to keep the creative business and flexibly accommodate the changing environments, we make the organization with the "selected few," with flexible and exceptional talented team required for the 21st century.

Business Outline

Serviced Apartments

Serviced Apartments


BUREAU Apartments are fully furnished, executive monthly accommodations. BUREAU apartment comes complete with special order furniture, new appliances, high speed Internet and 24 hour bilingual services. The majority of our clients are international business people who demand the highest level of convenience, comfort and service. Through collaborative efforts with renowned architects and designers including Jun Aoki (winner of the coveted Architectural Institute of Japan Award) and, Space Design achieves a perfect balance of beautiful design and intelligent convenience in each BUREAU serviced apartment.

Building List
B-SITE Series

B-SITE Series

B-SITE Series provides compact and stylish apartments.
Reasonable pricing and an easy walking distance to nearest stations would boost efficient business stays.
The well-regarded 24/7 bilingual hotline service offers peace of mind to the guests as well as corporate HR representatives.

Building List

Serviced Offices

Serviced Offices

BUREX Series

BUREX is the epitome of intelligent office space in the ultra modern city environment. Our services and building infrastructure add tremendous value to any company. Beginning with leased space from 360 sq. feet (33 sq. meters), the clean design of these buildings attracts individuals and corporations seeking to reveal their focus on true quality and attention to detail.

Building List


B:CONTE Series

B:CONTE Series

B:CONTE is a residential hotel with fully equipped kitchenettes.
Accommodations available from ONE night to long-term stays. Ideal for both business trip and family visits.


Corporate Data

Trade Name Space Design Inc.
Head Office KDX Shimbashi Bldg. 4F, 2-2-9
Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0004 Japan
TEL +81 3-3502-7000
FAX +81 3-3502-3000
Founded 1-May-78
Board Members
President / Representative director    Akira Komoda
Taisuke Miyajima
Takahiro Uchida
Moyuru Watanabe

Operating Officer    Katsumi Sugawara ( Development and planning / Hotel Division )

Operating Officer    Soichi Nakata ( Serviced Apartment Division )

Operating Officer    Akemi Nakamura ( Operation Team )

Operation Officer    Lee Seiken ( Serviced Office Division )


Common Stock 90 million yen

Tokyo Governmental Registered(2) No.94601

Travel Industry Tokyo Governor Registration No.3-7040

Organization Chart

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