Our Mission

Casual and cozy.
We design and provide comfortable
Spaces and Services.

We wish to work for the society and for its people. Perhaps such desire like ours is an increasing factor among recent changes in what many people are finding “valuable”.
With our extensive experiences in hospitality, Space Design provides solutions through “OMOTENASHI” by each of our employees in his or her own unique way.
Space Design has three business segments; Serviced Apartments, Serviced Offices, and Hotels. We cater to the various needs of our clients, such as global or domestic travelers and guests, business persons including project engineers, entrepreneurs/start-ups, professional consultants, actors and supporting staff, short-term trainees, relocating families, etc.
Every day, we strive to design innovative, comfortable and customized spaces and services with the commitment to enrich every experience of each client.

Form the Way of OMOTENASHI for Each Guest

As a pioneer in offering fully furnished apartments for mid and long-term staying, Space Design has developed the way of the hospitality corresponding to the diverse needs of our guests in the form of Japanese “OMOTENASHI”.
While respecting the cultures and customs of those visiting from abroad, we wish to have a direct and face to face approach with our services.
We aim to provide the services and ambience that go far beyond ordinary expectations. We hope to use our experiences and wisdom to provide the higher standard of “OMOTENASHI” than other suppliers, and reach out to the hearts of each and every one of our guests.

Along with every guest’s smile, we wish to provide a memorable experience with our level of professionalism. At Space Design, we transcend national and cultural barriers, and aim to “design emotions”, driving to continuously raise customer satisfaction rates of our guests.


The specifications and demands for an ideal living and work spaces are constantly evolving. We hope to provide the highest quality of services which are trendy and match the concepts and the locations of each property, and surpass the personal expectations of our clients and guests. Whether the purpose of your visit is for business or travel, we work to provide the services and themes for various generations and cultures.
While utilizing the experiences and knowledge in real estate fund and asset management though the Kenedix, Inc group, Space Design will continue to be a domestic pioneer in corresponding to the ever evolving needs of our clients and guests. Space Design will continue to design and provide comfortable services from the customers' point of view, also deploying the business in a creative way, contributing to enrich the society by making people happy with smile on their faces.


Representative Director

Akira Komoda

Space Design was first established in 1978 as a real estate developer company by the late Hiromasa Ezoe, also the founder of Recruit. Around the year 2000, Space Design embarked in the development and management of serviced apartments and offices. During that time, Space Design established a substantial presence in the domestic serviced apartments and offices industry as a pioneer for these emerging new services that specifically provided for the needs of international business guests.

In October 2013, Space Design became a group company of Kenedix Inc., the largest independent real estate asset management company in Japan.
Furthermore, Kenedix Inc. is not just limited to real estate asset management, but also specializing in property management and operations. In recent years, Kenedix Inc. has also been venturing into international and innovative business opportunities, including crowdsourcing and alternative finance.
By becoming a group company of Kenedix Inc., Space Design has acquired the benefits being able to continuously manage comfortable facilities and provide hospitality services whilst effectively and efficiently utilizing the resources and insights of a real estate asset management company.

Space Design currently offers approximately 850 rooms of serviced apartments and 330 units of serviced offices in Tokyo and Yokohama. In recent years, we have extended the third core segment, hotels, and are currently operating 360 rooms in Tokyo and Kyoto. Our apartments, offices, and hotels business divisions are constantly seeking opportunities for new projects, sometimes working together with Kenedix Inc. One of our main objectives will be to continue providing the highest level of hospitality and facilities to both international and domestic guests.
With our serviced apartments and offices, we are fortunate enough to have many repeating tenants, including the companies who have aspirations in business and entrepreneurship, or global projects expanding in Japan. With our wide variety of facilities, we will be able to accommodate to your ever-changing needs. Each hotel operates with its own unique themes and designs, and very positively evaluated by guests from Japan and overseas. By managing and operating facilities in three different core segments; apartments, offices and hotels, we have the confidence to fulfill the needs of guests and tenants through the ever-changing world of business.

For us providing the highest form of hospitality at our facilities, we believe in the importance of our onsite staff who are in contact with our guests and tenants, and perform facility management and maintenance duties on a daily basis. At Space Design, 70% of our team and 60% of our managers are female employees. We also have many talented employees working with us who have come from overseas and currently are living in Japan. Our mission is to make a positive contribution to the society, by holding the highest standard of hospitality to our guests, tenants, business partners, vendors, and employees, and providing comfortable services through our unique and people-friendly company culture that respects diversity and individuality within our Core Values.
We will endeavor to continue improving our quality of services to all of our customers. We kindly ask for your continued feedback and support.

Our Team