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Friendly and Professional Services to Bring Warmth in the Office Spaces

As the General Manager of “BUREX KOJIMACHI”, a high-end serviced office building with a spacious lobby and conference rooms available for booking, my goal is to create spaces where our tenants can concentrate on working.

─ Please tell us about your style of “OMOTENASHI”

Wish to Create a Work Space that is Both, “Inspiring and Motivating”

I would like to be known as the General Manager the tenants can easily connect to. I make sure to be at the reception desk every morning and lunch time, when the most people are either entering or going out of the building. I do my best to interact with all of our tenants as much as possible. It is my wish that our tenants are able to ask us anything without any hesitation. It is often our job to support our tenants to resolve the burdensome distractions such as daily administrative matters so that our tenants, many of them being start-ups, small businesses, individual professionals, or overseas entry offices etc., can stay focused on their work.

At the same time, we wish to provide the services that makes our tenants feeling like they want to keep working at BUREX KOJIMACHI for years to come. In order to achieve this, it will be extremely important for our team to make our tenants feel comfortable and secure, maybe by offering friendship and mutual trust through daily small talks, but also by solving any problems in a timely manner.

At BUREX KOJIMACHI, we work every day to ensure, think and provide the best services our tenants require or need so that each of them can feel a special connection to their workplace.

─ Please tell us about your most memorable experience at work.

A Trustworthy Friendship-like Approachability

While working in the serviced apartments division, a tenant from India once invited me over to join their family dinner. The wife in the family had never visited Japan before and did not speak Japanese. I supported her during their stay, and that was the reason she invited me to try her home-cooked curry. I was deeply moved by their kindness.

One aspect of my job is not follow everything by the book. I have always hoped on building friendships with our tenants, while maintaining a level of professionalism. It was a great experience and genuinely grateful to be able spend time with a tenant outside of my work environment.

─ Please tell me the atmosphere at Space Design.

The Spirit of “OMOTENASHI” Overflowing within Our Company

After joining Space Design in 2002, I have always felt comfortable working here. I have found my colleagues very easy to talk to because I feel that everyone here is open, frank, and shares a common quality of hospitality and “OMOTENASHI”, not just towards our tenants and guests but people in general. There are frequent company events, including parties, barbeques, and company trips. These gatherings have given me the opportunities to meet many colleagues from other sites who I do not get to interact with on a regular basis.

Also, we have many employees with children. Space Design has been very helpful with providing flexible hours, as well as maternity leave and child-raising leave. I was allowed to keep my position as the General Manager even with shorter hours. I am grateful with how much support I have received from the company programs and the colleagues at work, as well as for my family oriented lifestyle and my career plan.

We wish to provide a special connection between you and your work place.
A positive work environment leads to better hospitality and service.

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