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Wish to Make Our Guests’ Wishes
Become a Reality

B:CONTE ASAKUSA is a residential hotel with a kitchen in every guest room. As the General Manager of this hotel, while listening closely to the opinions of our guests, I strive to provide the highest level of “OMOTENASHI” services by my team.

─ What kind of atmosphere do you wish to create at a Space Design residential hotel?

A Hotel with At-home-hospitality, Reaching out to Guests’ Hearts

We hope to fulfill everything our guests’ request. While following hotel policies, we try to listen and respond to each and every guest.

The B:CONTE ASAKUSA is one of very few residential hotels in Japan, with a kitchen in every guest room. In order for our guests to feel at home, we are able to offer the special services responding to the guests’ requests, that is just as important as providing a nicely furnished room. One time, we helped out with a surprise birthday party for a guest by decorating the bed with flower petals and created swans using bath towels. We were so delighted when we saw how grateful the guests were as they began taking pictures.

─ What do you wish to instill to your team?

Eagerness to Hear Guests Wishing to Come Back When They Leave

We are always looking forward to communicating with our guests and very pleased to hear our guests say, “Nice to see you again.” or, “See you next year.” Furthermore, I also believe that providing great hospitality is a team effort. Each member’s strong awareness of hospitality and the constant practices of “OMOTENASHI” is the goal of our team. It is my crucial role to train our team members, by sharing both positive and negative feedbacks so that we all can learn from each other. As the result of these efforts, we have received very positive ratings and comments for our B:CONTE ASAKUSA on internet travels sites, such as Rakuten Travel and Trip Advisor.

─ Please tell me about the atmosphere at Space Design.

Quality Time at Personal Vacations Improving Hospitality at Work

I strongly feel that all employees at Space Design are very supportive of each other. I have always felt comfortable approaching my bosses with any questions. Therefore, I always keep my door open to those who have joined Space Design after me. One of the most appealing things about Space Design to me is how everyone has a service industry mindset and always offering a lending hand.

Furthermore, Space Design is very accommodating to employees proving consecutive days off. This is very rare in the hotel industry. Employees are very supportive of each other’s schedule. In my case, I take the opportunity to travel around the world in order to experience and learn different forms of hospitality from other cultures. Hopefully we can all improve our own hospitality from such kind of experience.


Every customers’ opinion is very important to us.
Wish to improve my hospitality by constantly adding values through the new cultural learnings during the long vacations.

Hotel Division
B:CONTE ASAKUSA General Manager I