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Meticulously Creating an “at Home” Atmosphere in a Casual Manner

BUREAU SHINAGAWA is a serviced apartment complex with a large public bath and fitness center, and offers a bilingual concierge service. As the General Manager of the facility with many guests from overseas, my priority is supporting our team to be able to provide the highest level of services.

─ What kind of services do you wish to provide?

Hope to Help You Begin Your New “Lifestyle” in the Smoothest Way Possible.

Previously, I was involved in the grand opening of BUREAU SUITENGU, the same serviced apartment series as BUREAU SHINAGWA. To provide a stress free stay for our international guests, we created translated instructions for the electrical appliances. At BUREAU SHINAGAWA, I continually think about my experiences at SUITENGU and what kind of services would provide our guests with a stress free stay. Guests at hotels may stay for several days, but guests at serviced apartments will usually stay for over a month. Regardless if the guest is visiting Japan for the first time, it is important for us to minimize any stress that may come along with everyday living. A simple act as having all translated instruction manuals in one place may help the guests save time and stress.

─ What qualities do wish to instill to your team?

Enhance Teamwork, to Provide Harmonized “OMOTENASHI”

I feel that the best “OMOTENASHI” and services can be provided through good team work. For example, even though the housekeeping is operated by a partner company, I like to think we are all part of one team at BUREAU SHINAGAWA. To continue enhancing the capability and the quality of services, I think it is very important for us to be able to share both positive and negative feedback with each other.

─ Please describe your team

Having the Guest to Enjoy a Relaxing Stay by Providing Casual Style of Services.

I have lived overseas for 13 years. From that experience alone, I feel that it more important for our international guests to have a relaxing experience rather than receiving services that are straight out of a handbook. We have received comments from guests such as, “This is Japan, but I feel at home when I am here.” Or, “This is my second home.” I feel this is possible because the diversity of our team is able to provide a wide range of services, and they are the reason we have many repeating guests at BUREAU SHINAGAWA.

Teamwork is the most important aspect of providing the best services.
Emphasizing on the guests being able to have a relaxing experience by offering our services in a casual and calming way.

Serviced Apartment Operation Team Leader