【PARTY】 BUREAU Ginza "St. Valentine's party"


We had "St. Valentine's party" at our BUREAU Ginza last week.

For this time, we had planned this "St. Valentine's" for the first time.
We had two chocolate fountains for our guests to enjoy. Hope everyone loved it.
(Needless to say, we; all staff loved it!!!!!)
We; staff were in RED and welcome our guests, and lobby was decorated with lovely balloons and hearts!

The purpose of this party was to provide an opportunity to our tenants to get to know each other.
A lot of guests had asked us "when is the next party?" "what will it be like?" last night.
Looks like, they have already been looking forward to the next one!

We all are really glad to hear that our guests enjoy and love staying with us.

Please be READY for our next party as well.
Don't miss it!

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