1.What we do with the information we request

We may ask for private information when customers request the following services on our website.

  1. Inquiries
  2. Requesting documents
  3. Free e-mail application registration
  4. Applications for recruiting personnel etc.

This information will be used according to our privacy policy.

2.About Cookies

This site transmits alphanumeric identifiers known as cookies through your web browser to facilitate your use of this website. When this website is accessed, a cookie is set, and will be used to display inquiries and customized services of the customer. Cookies do not infringe on your privacy, nor do they have any harmful effects on your computer. The "HELP" menu on most browsers will tell you how to set it to reject cookies, and such rejections will not impede access to this website.

3.Copyrights etc.

Information, specifications, programs, others, and all copyrighted works offered on this website are protected by copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights owned or managed by our company or the owner of such copyrights. Customers agree to abide by the laws concerning any copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights when using this website,and copyrighted works may not be reproduced, made public, widely distributed, transferred, loaned, translated, reprinted or altered or quoted without the prior approval of our company and the owners of such copyrights.

4.Forecast Information etc.

Our company may provide information regarding forecasts in the future etc. for the convenience of customers using this website. This information is based on our forecasts only and we may be forced to make changes depending on the situation at that time. Customers will not place undue reliance on only this information; moreover, it is acknowledged that our company is under no obligation whatsoever to revise this information.

5.Exemption Items

These items for exemption apply to all customers who have used this website provided by Space Design Inc., ( hereinafter referred to as "Our company" ). Customers may use this site after agreeing to these items for exemption.Our company acknowledges that by using this website customers accept these exemption items.

Guarantee and Commitment

This website is provided only for the convenience of our customers and we are careful that information on this website is updated and accurate. However we do not guarantee the accuracy, integrity, reliability etc., of the information and we provide no guarantees in the event customers suffer loss or damage due to the use of any of the information. Moreover, we do not guarantee any direct or indirect loss or damage incurred to customers and third parties using this website.

Links to Other Sites

Links to other sites setup on this website are only for the convenience of our customers. Customers use these links at their own risk. We do not guarantee any of the contents of such websites and do not accept any responsibility. Also, customers shall abide by the use conditions, exemption items etc. for such websites when using such websites. Moreover, for links to our website, prior consent of our company is necessary and we should be contacted individually for permission.


Our company may correct, modify, add, interrupt, and delete etc., the information, specifications and other contents published on this website at any time without notifying the customer.

6.Governing Law

This website is accessible from anywhere in the world, and legal considerations may differ significantly from country to country. Notwithstanding, Space Design Inc. agrees, and all visitors whouse this website are deemed by doing so to have agreed, that the laws of Japan are binding.

7.Jurisdictional Court

In the event a lawsuit becomes necessary between a customer and our company, the court which exercises jurisdiction over the address of our company will be the jurisdictional court between the Customer and our company.

8.Revision of the Site Policy

Our "Site Policy" shall be revised accordingly depending on changes in the social situation, changes in public awareness, and advances in technology etc, and we will provide notification thereof in our website.